ArtCineMedia is based in the beautiful, classy, cosmopolitan south of France. Our team and quality of services are the passport for the best capturing of the most unforgettable moments of your life.


   We are passionate, always in love with what we do.  Whether it is about your wedding, your personal -or family- portrait, or even about your business/project, we assure you that we'll only give our very positive energy, so to create -together- the most unique souvenir of your beloved moments.


   The equipment we use, can also assure you the highest quality for your photos and videos* (*in 4K resolution).


   One more advantage of our services, is that your videos can be filmed in true CinemaScope (Anamorphic) format, something that only a few having the knowledge and ability to do worldwide.  


     We are able to travel with you abroad. Actually, we'd love to accompany you everywhere in the world, in order to create for you the most brilliant remembrances, so feel free to contact us describing your needs.


   Kindest Regards,

  the ArtCineMedia team.  




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